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  • I'm a senor in high school with the aim to become a video game designer. I love Marvel and DC and know more than the average person about each. I'm also a Doctor Who fan as well as a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek. I grew up playing video games against my 3 older siblings and started to play them before I could remember.

    Favorite Video Games
    Wind Waker

    Hyrule Warriors Legends

    358/2 Days

    Crisis Core

    Super Smash Bros.(any of them)

    Period 1 English 4 Ms. Elliott
    Period 2 Pre-Calculous Mr. Montrella
    Period 3 Draw and Paint 1 Ms. Rocha
    Period 4 Exploring Computer Science Mr. Borad
    Period 5 Economics Mr. Case
    Period 6 Video Game Design Mr. Borad